How clean is your ductwork?

Out of sight and out of mind, ductwork is a silent cause of allergies and illness. Ductwork is used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to help deliver and remove air from buildings, especially in facilities such as airports, schools, office blocks, and medical facilities. Ductwork that is not maintained can quickly become contaminated with dust, dirt, bacteria, fungi and mould, leading to all these substances circulating in a closed environment. Commonly associated with a ‘sick building’, asthma and legionnaire’s disease are just 2 outcomes of contaminated ductwork, not to mention the huge impact on the productivity of the AHU ductwork when filters are blocked with microbial growth and dirt.

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Zonitise skilled technicians provide a full cleaning service as well as a long-lasting antimicrobial coating that will constantly work to prevent the growth of micro-organisms, as well as the actual finish of the ductwork. Protecting the inhabitants of the building by ensuring the air they breathe is clean and ensure that your systems run as efficiently as possible.

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