What is Zonitise professionally applied antimicrobial coating?

Some organisations choose to partner with Zonitise Antimicrobial services to deliver our 1-year lasting coating service. This is a bespoke service with a 2 part antimicrobial coating that has been scientifically developed alongside nanotechnology to be abrasion-resistant in excess of 5000 cleaning cycles. It is applied by our professional technicians as part of a full service and is the only antimicrobial coating that is covered by a 1-year warranty for our contract customers.

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Independently tested

Our coating has been independently laboratory tested for efficacy against many harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould, including TGEV Coronavirus (A model virus for SARS CoV -2) MRSA, C Diff, E Coli and many other harmful bacteria.

The chart opposite represents how Zonitise coated surfaces (green) continuously eliminate bacteria to maintain safe levels between cleaning cycles. In comparison, untreated surfaces (yellow) can reach dangerously contaminated levels between cleaning cycles

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The benefits of Zonitise surface treatment

  • Clear, colourless and odourless permanent antimicrobial coating.
  • 100% preventative, not reactionary. Mechanical kill – not cidal.
  • No need for regular toxic disinfecting – Save time and money.
  • Works to eliminate harmful microorganisms every second of every day for up to 1 year per treatment.
  • It’s a safe anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatment. Verified on application using ATP Luminometer Testing.
  • Helps prevent unpleasant odours by eliminating the cause at source.
  • Proven to reduce bacteria loading by more than 90%, compared to traditional cleaning methods (see graph above).
  • Our coating facilitates thorough cleaning, is halogen free and dermatologically tested with a rating of excellent.
  • Helps prevent mould growth on smooth and textured surfaces.
  • Prevents microscratches and reduces damage to surfaces.
  • Only use PH neutral cleaners with Zonitise treated surfaces – Be environmentally friendly.

3 step methodology both protects the surface in the same way as a sealant but also works to attack and neutralise bacteria, microbes and viruses on material touchpoints.

Step 1 – Zonitise Disinfect

The surface or zone to be treated has a specially formulated disinfectant and degreaser applied which degreases and cleans the surface thoroughly in preparation for the Zonitise Antimicrobial.

Step 2 – Zonitise
Antimicrobial Coating

Once the disinfection has evaporated, we electrostatically apply the specialist antimicrobial shield, which imparts a final biostatic finish to all treated surfaces. Once fully cured, the coated surface will not allow the life and growth of microorganisms on the surface going forwards.

Step 3 – Test

The surfaces are tested and certified using specialist ATP testing (as used in hospitals) to measure the bacteria. Each treated and sanitised zone receives a dated Zonitise certificate to give you complete peace of mind that the surfaces are now protected and will be constantly active against bacteria for up to 1 year.

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Your surface is now protected 24/7!

The finished surface is now not only protected with an invisible layer of sealant but with its unique physical barrier that terminates the life of microbes on contact, 24/7. Not only will this help significantly reduce cross-contamination but it will constantly kill any mould build up and help eliminate unpleasant odours where applied.

Our 1 year warranty

Many clients enter an annual rolling contract (minimum of 2 treatments) whereby as part of the service agreement our specialist teams will regularly monitor and report back on ATP bacteria tests so that you can be assured that the surfaces in your facility are as safe as they can be.

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