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Use Air Purification to Reduce Fallow Time 

The Latest Guidance on Fallow time is that the more air changes per hour (ACH) in a room there are, the less Fallow time is required.   So if you can increase your air changes, you can justify lowering your fallow period between patients. https://dentistry.co.uk/2020/10/22/cdo-cuts-fallow-time-requirements/ If you can achieve 10 or more Air Changes per hour, you can reduce your fallow time post Aerosol Generating Procedure (AGP) to just 15 minutes between patients.  If you are only getting 1 to 5 air changes per hour, your fallow time will need to... Read More


Air Purification in the Spa and Wellness Industry 

Spa days.  The Ultimate in relaxation.  They’re top of mind when we think about self-care and wellness. Hygiene is the new star rating for such venues.  Proactive Spa managers and owners are investing in ensuring their clients breathe constantly clean air to complete their whole experience. Our unique and medical grade HEPA air purifiers operate at remarkably low noise levels, so that people can easily relax.  With the option to own brand your Zonitise air purifier you can enhance your reputation with your unique style.


Keeping Staff Safe in the Office 

A recent survey showed that more than 60% of workers are concerned that the air in their workplaces and offices is polluted.  The Occupational Health & Safety Magazine stated in an article on this survey that ‘with such a high number of people concerned about indoor air quality, it is important to think how it might affect prospective workers’. Business leaders should not overlook the importance of indoor air quality.  Clean and pure air will always be a key factor to help keep your staff safe from the spread of... Read More



One major step towards significantly improving indoor air quality is the upgrading of a building’s HVAC and filter to one that is rated at MERV 13 level or higher. MERV stands for ‘minimum efficiency reporting value’, and a MERV 13 filter is effective at capturing more than 75% of particles sized 0.3 to 1 microns which means it is reasonably effective against mould spores, bacteria and smoke.  However, the Sars Cov 2 virus and Influenza particle size is around 0.1 microns, so whilst a MERV 14 filter is definitely a... Read More



CDC STUDY PROVES THAT HEPA AIR FILTRATION CAN HELP REDUCE COVID TRANSMISSION BY NEARLY 50% IN THE REAL WORLD. There has been little dispute that HEPA filters are extremely effective at removing viral particles such as Covid 19 from the air.  However, we now have real world proof that HEPA filters actually significantly reduce the transmission of Covid 19 thanks to a recent CDC study of schools. The CDC study reported on Covid 19 infections in 123 primary schools.  They compared schools that 1) Did nothing 2) used HEPA filters,... Read More


The Cleanest Offices in UK?

As people look forward to heading back to their offices in the coming weeks, collaborating and socializing with colleagues, one thing is top of mind. Hygiene. That’s why the most forward thinking serviced office providers are taking a science lead approach to ensuring every shared surface and touch point is coated with a permanent antimicrobial coating that continuously kills germs, including Sars Cov 2. Clockwise Offices are leading the pack in embracing this revolutionary technology, ensuring that every one of their rapidly expanding property portfolio’s has been coated professionally with... Read More


London City Airport – The cleanest and safest airport in the world?

London City Airport – The cleanest and safest airport in the world? Like many leading UK companies, shortly after the pandemic started, London City contracted Zonitise to apply our 1 year warranted antimicrobial coating throughout the whole airport on surfaces and touchpoints. They wanted to ensure that they were doing the very best they could to minimise the risk of any cross-contamination for passengers and staff. As part of our warranted service, our technicians visit every few months to perform ATP surface hygiene checks on treated surfaces to ensure that... Read More


Why antimicrobial coatings are a game changer for infection control in healthcare settings.

Why antimicrobial coatings are a game changer for infection control in healthcare settings MRSA, C Dif, Norovirus, VRE….. the infections that no doctor or nurse wants to happen under their watch. Hospital Acquired Infections cost the global healthcare system £Billions and hundreds of thousands of lives. And yet there is a way to prevent a significant amount of these deaths happening…. Even with rigorous cleaning regimes in place, it has been proven that admission to a room previously occupied by a patient infected by MRSA, VRE, or C. difficile is a significant... Read More


What can antimicrobial coatings do for public transport?

What can antimicrobial coatings do for public transport? Studies in the UK have demonstrated an increase of respiratory infections (colds and flu) to persons if they had ridden in a bus or taxi five days previously (Troko et al., 2011). Whilst surface disinfecting is a reactive method proven to eliminate contamination, unfortunately, surfaces have to be disinfected on such a regular basis to be effective it is not realistic or sustainable. This is especially difficult in mass transportation when large numbers of individuals may be using the same vehicle in... Read More


Reduce Sickness Absence in Schools and in the Workplace.

Reduce Sickness Absence in Schools and in the Workplace. Over 141 million days are lost in the UK to sickness and injury, costing businesses around £12BN every year in sick pay.  In schools around the country, teacher absences amount to hundreds of thousands of days, with the associated costs of getting in supply teachers. Most common office and school bugs are the common cold or norovirus, both of which are commonly spread on surfaces. By treating those surfaces with a constantly active Zonitise antimicrobial coating we have proven that the... Read More