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Zonitise Solutions for Care homes and Senior Living

The implementation of HEPA 14 grade air purification systems and patented antimicrobial surface coatings helps ensure that Care homes & elderly living environments are constantly hygienic, preventing infections, removing odours and improving wellbeing. 

Benefits of Zonitise for care homes

As a person ages, immune systems weaken and they become more easily affected by the risks of air pollution and surface contamination.  Unfortunately, 1000s of elderly people are in environments where levels of fine particulate matter are above the recommendations of the World Health Organisation, and cleaning regimes are reactive rather than preventative. Meaning that persons who are at the most risk are exposed to invisible killers in the environments where they should be the safest. It has been proven that low indoor air quality can exacerbate memory loss and dementia, cause breathlessness, worsen asthma and allergies, and obviously, increase the risk of catching a virus such as Influenza, E-Coli, Sars and many more. 

The simple implementation of medical grade HEPA air purification systems and constantly active antimicrobial coatings has been proven to improve indoor air quality by more than 80%, and significantly reduce care home infections, as well as providing confidence to staff, patients and families that they are spending their last years in the safest environments. 


In care home & elderly living environments – you need a surface sanitizing solution that is as persistent as the contamination. Our Zonitise Long-lasting and easy to apply antimicrobial coating has been proven to reduce infections, remove odours, and reduce the need for highly toxic and harmful chemicals. 
Combined with clean air, antimicrobial coatings have been proven to reduce HAI’s by more than 30%.

This takes the meaning of ‘clean’ to a whole new level.



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