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Zonitise Solutions for Education

Tackling indoor air quality and keeping surfaces hygenic helps students keep learning. 

Air pollution and contaminated surfaces can affect the physical health of children, their ability to learn, and even lead to death.

Many schools are dangerously under-ventilated with little to no existing hvac or air conditioning.  Upgrading existing air systems is often prohibitively expensive meaning that without intervention, students health, and education is at severe risk of compromise.  

Benefits of Zonitise for Education

Providing safe and clean workspaces will make your school a prime drawcard students and staff alike.

We have never been more aware about airborne pollution and surface hygiene as we are today, and schools/universities and colleges globally are recognizing that failing to invest in technology to address the problem of indoor air quality could be fatal.

Constantly clean air and antimicrobial coated surfaces help prevent absenteeism and cross contamination and enhances productivity.



In educational environments you need a surface sanitizing solution that is as persistent as the contamination. 

Our Zonitise Long-lasting and easy to apply antimicrobial coating has been proven to significantly improve the hygiene levels, by making shared surfaces constantly hostile to sickness causing bacteria and even Sars Cov 2.

Combined with clean air, antimicrobial coatings have been proven to significantly improve health and wellbeing of students and reduce infection risk.

This takes the meaning of ‘clean’ to a whole new level.


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