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Zonitise Solutions for the Hospitality and Wellness sector

Star ratings are switching from luxury to hygiene. According to a recent Emprise white paper, 97 per cent of travelers say cleanliness is an important factor when booking accommodation and just one negative review can lose hotels around 30 guests. 

Did you know that 1 in 8 of your guests have respiratory illnesses or allergies?

Controlling the air they breathe in their hotel room can help stop these allergies from being triggered by dust particles in the air that current HVAC systems cannot filter out


Zonitise have a range of air purifiers for every type of environment, and technical consultants to help plan out your space



Enhance your brand identity!

Zonitise give you the opportunity to own brand your portable air purifiers to further enhance your commitment to providing the very best guest experience





In hospitality environments – you need a surface sanitizing solution that is as persistent as the contamination.  Our Zonitise Long-lasting and easy to apply antimicrobial coating is proven to significantly reduce the bioburden on shared surfaces such as tables, door handles, and bathrooms, between cleaning cycles.  This takes the meaning of ‘clean’ to a whole new level.


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