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Zonitise Solutions for the Hospitals and Healthcare

Medical Grade HEPA 14 air purification systems, validated and tested by scientific research laboratories around the globe, together with patented antimicrobial surface coatings help take hospital hygiene levels to a whole new level.

Benefits of Zonitise for the Healthcare sectors

We live in a world where airborne pollutants and hospital acquired infections kill millions of people every year.   Bacteria and viruses are stronger and more resistant to chemical disinfection, and the resulting infections cost our healthcare systems billions of pounds every year, before we even consider the sad and tragic loss of life of thousands of patients who contract an illness during their hospitalisation.

In the environment we live in today, there is pressure to provide superior care and make our hospitals and healthcare the safest places.

Constantly clean air and antimicrobial coated surfaces help NHS trusts and private healthcare organizations do just that



In hospital environments – you need a surface sanitizing solution that is as persistent as the contamination. 

Our Zonitise Long-lasting and easy to apply antimicrobial coating has been proven in a number of hospitals to significantly reduce the bioburden/colony forming unit counts compared to traditional cleaning.  

Combined with clean air, antimicrobial coatings have been proven to reduce HAI’s by more than 30%.

This takes the meaning of ‘clean’ to a whole new level.



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