A team committed to protecting you

Our people are at the heart of our business. Our UK-based professional team operate out of offices in London and a Norfolk based distribution centre to service the needs of our clients globally. We’re united by a desire and passion to improve hygiene and reduce infection risk in all environments by adopting antimicrobial proven technology. Our team and partners (which include leading doctors and microbiologists) have a long-established history of reducing cross-contamination risk in settings from healthcare to public transport. Always challenging the status quo, our people go above and beyond every day in helping our clients take hygiene to new heights.

Our mission is to reduce cross-contamination risk on surfaces and help people keep healthy.

Zonitise coatings offer individuals peace of mind and the comfort of knowing they are occupying a safe and hygienic building.

All of our Zonitise range are fully accredited and independently lab tested for constant efficacy against many varieties of bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould.

Knowing that our reception desk has fewer bacteria than a sterilised operating theatre is pretty damn cool!

Join a host of companies who trust Zonitise to protect their environment