90% reduction in bacteria at primary school!

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Oulton Broad Primary School had a rigorous cleaning regime in place using hospital
grade disinfectant to keep their surfaces as safe as possible, but were interested to see
how effective Zonitise antimicrobial surface treatments were at keeping their surfaces
as safe as possible between those cleaning cycles.

The Test
Surfaces were all ATP tested 1 hour after the end of a school day, and prior to cleaning.
The tests showed that all of the surfaces and touchpoints were deemed as highly
contaminated. Zonitise was then applied to the classrooms, and one classroom was
left untreated as a control measure. The cleaning team were instructed to continue
their cleaning regime as usual, and Zonitise technicians would visit after 1 week to test
the surfaces again.

The Result
Zonitise treated surfaces outperformed the control (untreated) surfaces by more than
90% see next page for our bionomic assessment report which demonstrates this
clearly. This means that the risk of contamination for both students and staff from
bacteria or viruses was reduced by 9 times through the application of our
revolutionary, science-based surface treatments, which in most cases we will warrant
for up to 1 year!

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