How Much Does An Air Purifier Cost?

As people become more aware about indoor air quality and the risks to health of contaminated air, consumers are researching air purifier options to help them breathe easier.  One of the most common questions is  – How much does an air purifier cost?

In parts of the world such as the United States, and Eastern Asia, air purifiers are found in many households, and increasingly in workplaces as the health benefits are proven.  Whilst the UK and other countries are behind the curve on embracing air purification, there are still numerous options available and at all different kinds of price points.   

When you are just browsing, it can be daunting to know which option is best for your requirements.    There are so many options, all with similar claims, but at vastly different price points.  For example – you’ve seen a special offer on Amazon for an air purifier at just £49.99 or you have been recommended to look at a trusted brand such as Fellowes or IQ Air, but their machines are retailing at nearly £1500.   In this article, we talk through how to cut through the jargon and work out what is the best option for you!

To jump right in – the first thing you need to establish is what space you want to use an air purifier in. 

Air purifiers work most effectively in a single room setting.   Some retailers will say that you can put an air purifier in hallway and it will purify your whole house, but the reality is that air purifiers work most effectively on the air that is within a few metres of the device, particularly the smaller and less expensive ones.

So, say you wanted an air purifier for your bedroom.  You measure the room and it’s 3m wide x 4m long and ceiling height of 2.4m.  You have a volume requirement for clean air of 28.8m3.  The recommended air changes per hour in a home or office is 4-5 times per hour so you ideally want an air purifier that can clean around 140m3 per hour.    Manufacturers often describe this as CADR which stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate.  It’s really important that you work out your requirements for CADR, and not be misled by inaccurate claims by retailers of how big a space their devices will clean as often these claims are based on cleaning the air only twice an hour which is nowhere near enough to be properly effective at reducing contamination.

There are definitely plenty of options on Amazon etc around £90-100 for this kind of capacity (CADR of 140m3 per hour).  These devices are mostly mass produced in China and bought in bulk and sold cheap by online only companies.  Now don’t get me wrong – they can perform perfectly well, and many have great reviews. 

However if you want the comfort of dealing with a trusted brand, then for air purifiers from manufacturers such as Philips or Blueair you would be paying more like £150-200/each for the equivalent capacity.  Or the Zona 250 is an option, albeit the capacity of the machine would clean the air more than 8 times an hour in a room of that space!

When you are looking at costs for the best air purifiers for offices – then you need to use the same maths principle in working out what volume of air changes you require. 

Take an office of 6m wide by 12m long with ceiling heights of 2.4m would give a total air volume of 173m3 per hour.  You would need to then times 5 to get your target air changes per hour or clean air delivery rate requirement for that space which would equate to 865m3 per hour.  This is where it gets interesting.  There’s lots of large and impressive looking devices on Amazon and online for between £299 and £499.00 but many only have a CADR of less than 300m3 per hour, so you would require 3 of them even though they will tell you that 1 or 2 would be enough. Then there’s options from Fellowes, Rensair or IQ Air that are closer to £1400 for devices with CADR’s of between 550-700m3 per hour. 

Whilst these are recognized brands in air purification, there is a reason for it, and like Zonitise, they prioritise the effectiveness and quality of their devices and customer service over selling out cheap.  That means ensuring true HEPA 13 or 14 filtration, UVC, antimicrobial protection, powerful fans, and pre-filters, combined with excellent customer service and technical support and advice. Check out the Zona 620 as an example.

In summary – there are many air purifier options out there at all different price rates.  Generally the larger a room, the bigger capacity a machine you will require, and the more expensive it will be.  The old saying that ‘The bitterness of low quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price’ has never been more true.   Sometimes paying slightly extra for a trusted and established brand is worth every penny.

Decided that you need an air purifier?

At Zonitise we pride ourselves on providing excellent quality air purification devices with medical grade HEPA filtration, but at price points that are affordable.  So we’re not the cheapest, but we’re definitely a long way off being the most expensive.  We’re a family owned and run business and are passionate about ensuring value to every client.

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