Keeping Staff Safe in the Office 

A recent survey showed that more than 60% of workers are concerned that the air in their workplaces and offices is polluted.  The Occupational Health & Safety Magazine stated in an article on this survey that ‘with such a high number of people concerned about indoor air quality, it is important to think how it might affect prospective workers’.

Business leaders should not overlook the importance of indoor air quality.  Clean and pure air will always be a key factor to help keep your staff safe from the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other allergens whilst at the same time significantly improve wellness, concentration and productivity.

The US EPA estimates that for every $1 invested in improving air quality there are as much as $30 of benefits! 

Improving Air Quality is not an expense – it’s an investment that proactive corporates will not regret.

Zonitise have a range of portable and fixed air purifiers for every type of indoor space that help you comply with WHO guidelines on air changes per hour.

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