London City Airport – The cleanest and safest airport in the world?

London City Airport – The cleanest and safest airport in the world?

Like many leading UK companies, shortly after the pandemic started, London City contracted Zonitise to apply our 1 year warranted antimicrobial coating throughout the whole airport on surfaces and touchpoints. They wanted to ensure that they were doing the very best they could to minimise the risk of any cross-contamination for passengers and staff.

As part of our warranted service, our technicians visit every few months to perform ATP surface hygiene checks on treated surfaces to ensure that our Zonitise coating is performing as expected.

Our latest checks, approaching 6 months from implementation, and taken during operational use, gave us some of the below results:

Check-in desks and screens were reporting ATP levels of the same hygiene standard as you would expect in a sterile operating theatre.

Security trays, lift buttons, escalator handrails were also all at food-safe/hospital grade surface levels.

As part of our COVID Safe Clean consulting, we have tested surfaces for clients in similar environments and found surface load reporting at dangerously contaminated levels, even after several cleans per day. When you implement Zonitise  antimicrobial coatings, you ensure that your surfaces constantly eliminate many harmful micro-organisms every minute of every day to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

That is why we believe that London City Airport is leading the world in hygiene standards for their passengers and staff.

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