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What can antimicrobial coatings do for public transport?

What can antimicrobial coatings do for public transport? Studies in the UK have demonstrated an increase of respiratory infections (colds and flu) to persons if they had ridden in a bus or taxi five days previously (Troko et al., 2011). Whilst surface disinfecting is a reactive method proven to eliminate contamination, unfortunately, surfaces have to be disinfected on such a regular basis to be effective it is not realistic or sustainable. This is especially difficult in mass transportation when large numbers of individuals may be using the same vehicle in... Read More


Reduce Sickness Absence in Schools and in the Workplace.

Reduce Sickness Absence in Schools and in the Workplace. Over 141 million days are lost in the UK to sickness and injury, costing businesses around £12BN every year in sick pay.  In schools around the country, teacher absences amount to hundreds of thousands of days, with the associated costs of getting in supply teachers. Most common office and school bugs are the common cold or norovirus, both of which are commonly spread on surfaces. By treating those surfaces with a constantly active Zonitise antimicrobial coating we have proven that the... Read More


Why antimicrobial coatings are the most cost-effective route to good hygiene 

Why Antimicrobial Coatings are the Most Cost-Effective Route to Good Hygiene Antimicrobial coatings help reduce maintenance costs. When a Zonitise antimicrobial coating is applied on a surface, it helps prevent staining, discolouration, leeching, whilst also preventing mould or fungi growth for in excess of 1 year. By eliminating at the source the bacteria that cause unpleasant odours, it can also save a considerable amount of money on odour masking. Whilst these features are huge cost savers, there is no other successful science-proven method that ensures that a surface is constantly... Read More


Where to apply Antimicrobial Coatings? 

Where to apply Antimicrobial Coatings? There is an increase in the need to protect surfaces from germs and microbes in every facility and public area where people mix. From surfaces and touchpoints to the equipment we use every day, everything is susceptible to harmful micro-organisms multiplying, which ultimately find their way to human beings. A high % of transmission of germs from person to person is on surfaces we come in touch with every day. Door handles, handrails, lift buttons, desks…. The list goes on. It is not physically possible to be... Read More


Contamination in public spaces is continuous, but cleaning and disinfecting is momentary.

Contamination in public spaces is continuous, but conventional cleaning and disinfecting is only for a moment in time. Constant cleaning and disinfection to ensure a continuous benefit are both impractical and prohibitively expensive. Thanks to the advances of science and technology, our Zonitise antimicrobial coating is able to permanently bond to the surfaces it is applied to making them self-disinfecting, anti-bacterial, and anti-germ surfaces. We prove the long term efficacy of our coatings by regular ATP bacteria surface load testing and have seen reductions in bacteria of in excess of 90%... Read More


What is an antimicrobial coating?

What is an Antimicrobial Coating? Antimicrobial coatings use quaternary ammonium (as recognised by the WHO for efficacy against bacteria and viruses) and other actives, mixed with nanotechnology to hinder the growth of pathogens through cellular membrane perturbation. In layman terms, an antimicrobial coating is an application of a constantly active disinfectant coating on a surface that can both stop the growth of disease-causing micro-organisms and eliminate them altogether. Apart from increasing the surface’s durability, appearance, corrosion resistance, etc., these coatings also constantly work to eliminate harmful disease-causing microbes such as... Read More


Antimicrobial coatings – A gift of science

Antimicrobial coatings – A Gift of Science The modern world is full of amazing discoveries and innovations. With the advances in technology, the human race keeps on improving and improvising. One example is nanotechnology and antimicrobial coatings, which we at Zonitise believe are truly a gift of science. Being able to protect surfaces with a constantly self-sanitising coating is a game-changer for infection control and ensuring surfaces are kept constantly clean without having to pay full-time cleaners to be disinfecting every hour. You’d be surprised at how cost-effective it is to have... Read More


Why does your hospital need to consider antimicrobial coatings seriously?

Why Does your Hospital need to consider Antimicrobial coatings seriously? In England alone, it is forecast than 300,000 people will contract an HAI (Hospital Acquired Infection) this year. Sometimes these can sadly prove fatal and indeed they are the sixth largest cause of death in western countries. In developing countries, the situation is worse. HAI’s are a significant problem for the healthcare sector around the globe with the cost to the NHS in excess of £1Bn every year. Taking a preventative approach to infection control, with the use of self-disinfecting... Read More


90% reduction in bacteria at primary school!

Background Oulton Broad Primary School had a rigorous cleaning regime in place using hospital grade disinfectant to keep their surfaces as safe as possible, but were interested to see how effective Zonitise antimicrobial surface treatments were at keeping their surfaces as safe as possible between those cleaning cycles. The Test Surfaces were all ATP tested 1 hour after the end of a school day, and prior to cleaning. The tests showed that all of the surfaces and touchpoints were deemed as highly contaminated. Zonitise was then applied to the classrooms,... Read More


London City Airport choose Zonitise to keep their surfaces safe.

Background London City and Gatwick Airports were keen to ensure that surfaces and touchpoints in the airport were as safe as they could possibly be. With our test certificates demonstrating clear efficacy against viruses and bacteria, and the fact that we would warrant the treatments for 12 months, they made a rapid decision to implement quickly. The Detail Our Zonitise technicians were on site quickly and at Gatwick treated thousands of security trays with our coating, whilst at London Airport, Zonitise was applied to all touchpoints throughout the airport from... Read More