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How much does an Air Purifier cost to run?

With cost of living top of mind and soaring energy prices, we are all entitled to ask how much it costs to run equipment that we may wish to purchase. If you’re looking at investing in an air purifier, you probably want to know how much it costs to run one.  In this blog article we’ll deep dive into how much it costs to run an air purifier, but if you want the good news quickly – the fact is that air purifiers don’t use very much electricity!  Most air... Read More

Zonitise in Dental Practice 01/09/2022

How much would it cost to put Air Purification in a typical healthcare practice?

In a doctor’s surgery or dental practice, air purification isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. With large numbers of patients coming through the door each day, airborne infections can spread from patient to patient at frightening speed.  Studies have shown that if six persons are in a shared and under-ventilated space and one of them is infectious with a virus like Covid, then the other five very likely to have become infected within just 4 hours. Of perhaps still more importance to practices is the risk of staff members... Read More

Zona 620 in office environment 23/08/2022

How Many Air Purifiers Do I Need In My Office?

So, you’ve decided to implement air purification in your offices. That’s great, but now the fun really begins! Despite the research you’ve done, some of the questions you might still be asking yourself are:  What size air purifier do I need?  How many do I need?  Where should I put it in my office?  Odds are, you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all the options available. In this blog, we’ll try and answer all these questions and more.  The first and most important factor to consider is the size of... Read More

Zonitise, Blueair, Rensair, Dyson, Aeris Air Purifiers 19/08/2022

Trusted Air Purifiers – A Comparison

If you’ve been looking for the best air purifier, you’ve probably come across quite a few options. These options will obviously include the size, capacity, looks, price and any add-ons to help you improve your indoor air quality. However, one critical choice you’ll also have to make involves selecting the brand/manufacturer who’ll actually give you the proven and safe solution which specifically fits your requirements. No doubt, you’ll be looking for good value for money, right? We’re often asked how our company – its products, service, people and promises –... Read More