The Cleanest Offices in UK?

As people look forward to heading back to their offices in the coming weeks, collaborating and socializing with colleagues, one thing is top of mind. Hygiene.

That’s why the most forward thinking serviced office providers are taking a science lead approach to ensuring every shared surface and touch point is coated with a permanent antimicrobial coating that continuously kills germs, including Sars Cov 2.

Clockwise Offices are leading the pack in embracing this revolutionary technology, ensuring that every one of their rapidly expanding property portfolio’s has been coated professionally with a Zonitise antimicrobial coating.

The Zonitise coating eliminates germs where they live. The coating is constantly active between routine cleaning cycles to protect staff and employees from harmful viruses and bacteria, including Covid 19, sickness bugs, and even the common cold and flu.

Awareness certification and QR codes for knowledge building, help provide staff and employees real peace of mind.
Proven in the real world to reduce infection risk by as much as 90%, Zonitise also constantly eliminates the bacteria that cause odours and mould growth. This ensures that employees get sick less often as the spaces they occupy are constantly maintained at hospital grade levels of hygiene.

So if you’re looking for the cleanest offices/desks to rent in the UK, at Zonitise we can point you in the direction of clockwise – with properties in all corners of the UK – they are an excellent option for basing your business from to bounce back from Covid!

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