Trusted Air Purifiers – A Comparison

If you’ve been looking for the best air purifier, you’ve probably come across quite a few options. These options will obviously include the size, capacity, looks, price and any add-ons to help you improve your indoor air quality.

However, one critical choice you’ll also have to make involves selecting the brand/manufacturer who’ll actually give you the proven and safe solution which specifically fits your requirements. No doubt, you’ll be looking for good value for money, right?

We’re often asked how our company – its products, service, people and promises – stacks up to other major air purifier manufacturers. 

In this article, we’ll review the largest and most notable air purifiers in the UK, based on a few key metrics. Every company reviewed here has been assessed on the same metrics, and in the same way, which should give you something as near as a true apples-to-apples comparison as you’ll find on air purifier manufacturers.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll also do a deeper dive into the pricing to obtain pure air within your building, what real customers are saying about each air purifier, and how each manufacturer stacks up against Zonitise. All articles on our competitors use only publicly-available and easily-referenced sources for a truly objective and unbiased look into the industry.

Now that you’re up to speed, let’s take a look at some of the other mover and shaker air purifier brands out there, in no particular order…


  • Founded – 2020
  • HQ – London, UK
  • Manufacture – Asia
  • No. of Air Purifier Models – 2
  • Smallest Capacity Purifier – 38m3/hr (Bubble)
  • Largest Capacity Purifier – 560m3/hr (Core 560)
  • Price Range – £200 – £1500
  • Filtration Technology – HEPA 10 & HEPA 13 featured,  plus UVC lamps

Rensair is a Private Limited company incorporated in July 2020 by Christian Hendriksen (Danish). They’ve grown rapidly and now have circa 30 employees and an annual revenue of around £3m.  They operate in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia.

They’ve nailed their marketing and probably have the coolest website for their air purifiers. True Scandinavian style.

In terms of the two air purifiers they offer – the Core 560 is a white cylindrical shaped unit on wheels which sits around 840mm tall, weights 18kg, uses HEPA 13 filters and UV/C. This would be suitable for a 50m2 space to filter the air 5x an hour. They have a small portable unit which you could take in the car which has a capacity of 38m3/hr.

It doesn’t look like the units measure air quality, or the fans will automatically adjust to suit, but that’s not the end of the world – it’s a nicety.

Aside from the price point being at the higher end of the market, it’s quite commercial/healthcare in it’s looks, and utilizes UVC as part of it’s process, which can give potential for Ozone release.


  • Founded – 1963
  • HQ – Stockholm
  • Manufacturing – Asia/Sweden
  • No. of Air Purifier Models – 4 Portable
  • Smallest Capacity Purifier – 420 m3/hr (CityM)
  • Largest Capacity Purifier – 840 m3/hr (CamCleaner)
  • Price Range – £1325 – £2000
  • Filtration Technology – HEPA 10 to HEPA 14.

With over 5200 employees globally, annual sales revenue of £790m, 31 manufacturing sites and 6 R&D centres – Camfil are probably the largest ventilation company in the world, and they’re still privately owned.

They offer a multitude of solutions such as ventilation systems, HEPA and ULPA, high temperature, molecular, turbomachinery, and pulse filters, as well as providing air cleaners and purifies, dust, fume and mist collectors. They serve customers worldwide and focus mainly on the commercial arena.

Air purifiers are one string of a very large bow for the company, and probably not the biggest revenue spinner.  They have two main product ranges currently on the market, the City range and Touch. The City S is suitable for a small room of 25m2, City M for slightly larger at 60m2, and the Touch would work in a 50m2 space.

Filtration wise, the City M uses HEPA 14 filters which is top of the range, whilst the Touch has an EPA 11 filter which sits below HEPA in the filtration tree – capturing 95% of particulate down to a micron size of 5, versus HEPA 14 which captures 99.995% down to 0.005 microns.

It’s not 100% clear but it doesn’t look like the units incorporate SMART air quality sensors which will automatically adjust the fan speed – so you’ll most likely have to manually operate the units.

Both units are pretty lightweight around 15kg and nice and quiet on the noise front, typically less than 53 db(a). Aesthetically, they do look boxy and aren’t the most subtle units in the market, and are definitely at the pricey end of the market, most likely due to the strength of the Camfil Brand.


  • Founded – 1978
  • HQ – London
  • Manufacturing – Asia
  • No. of Air Purifier Models – 4
  • Smallest Capacity Purifier – 70m3/hr
  • Largest Capacity Purifier – (270 litres/second on max speed)
  • Price Range – £349 > £549
  • Filtration Technology – HEPA 12 > HEPA 13

Everyone knows about Dyson so we don’t need to say too much. Founded in 1978 by James Dyson, still a private company, annual turnover of £5.7bn and over 13,000 employees.

They have 4 main air purifiers which all look pretty unique with the air being drawn in at the base, and purified air distributed through the tall ‘O’ shaped structure. Although they’re quite cool looking in some opinions,  by all accounts they’re pretty noisy at 60 decibels – but then Dyson is a trusted brand and renown for good engineering so it’s not surprising that many homes feature one of their air purifiers.

Some of their units feature a heating and cooling function which is not commonly found with air purification due to the complexity involved when removing hot air from a room, and we’ve not seen much information online to classify how well the units actually work on this front. However, they use pretty smart technology to connect to the Dyson app, report on air quality, set schedules and utilise voice control and it looks like their using HEPA 13 filters with activated carbon, so they’ll definitely be improving the air quality.


  • Founded – 1917
  • HQ – US
  • Manufacturing – Asia
  • No. of Air Purifier Models – 12 (3 Personal & 9 Corporate)
  • Smallest Capacity Purifier – 90 m3/hr (DX5)
  • Largest Capacity Purifier – 748 m3/hr (AM4)
  • Price Range – £134 – £2400
  • Filtration Technology – HEPA 12 & HEPA 13

Fellowes is a global company with a turnover of over £250m and over 2000 employees globally. They have 6 main brands which range from business machines, storage solutions, mobile tech, lenses for photography and more. They started the AeraMax brand of Air Purifiers which was promoted heavily throughout COVID in 2020 and they now have a range of solutions for personal or business applications.

Fellowes have had large success in their home country of the USA when promoting the air purifiers, particularly with public sector tenders. Their units are manufactured in Asia and can either be wall mounted or sit on a stand on the floor.

Aesthetically, the air purifiers are pretty uniform with their rectangular protruding shape, silver plastic cover and small live air quality display. More suited to being wall mounted than portable, (they have no wheels) they may not be the unit you decide to go for if you’re looking for a subtle unit to place in the corner of your living room but if you’re a school looking for a decent functioning air purifier – I’m sure they’d be worth considering, albeit they are at the more expensive end of the market.


  • Founded – 1996
  • HQ – Stockholm, Sweden
  • Manufacturing – Asia
  • No. of Air Purifier Models – 11
  • Smallest Capacity Purifier – 222 m3/hr
  • Largest Capacity Purifier – 1614 m3/hr
  • Price Range – £100 – £2595
  • Filtration Technology – HEPA 12 & HEPA 13

With a HQ in Sweden and most manufacturing from Asia, Blueair has over 170 employees and an annual revenue of £100m plus.

They solely focus on air purification as a company and you can see their products are commonly found on the web or specified in government tenders – particularly in the US which is where they have a strong presence.

Blueair website focuses on it’s HEPA Silent technology and it’s SMART app feature, but it looks like the average noise level is around 40 db(a), which isn’t that different to most air purifiers on the market. They have about 11 air purifiers, differing in capacity, size and aesthetics to cater for as many spectrums as possible.

The mode of filtration also is pretty standard and varies for each unit, but it seems that most of the units are using HEPA 12 or HEPA 13 filters. It seems that you can link most of their units up to Amazon Alexa or customize the settings such as night mode, child lock, LED brightness etc. So if you’re one of those tech guys that wants to get everything scheduled – they’ll probably hit the spot there.

Pricewise, the small units are pretty competitive but the larger capacity units which would be relevant to the corporate/public sectors, do look to be on the high side. 


  • Founded – 2015
  • Manufacturing HQ – Switzerland
  • No. of Air Purifier Models – 4
  • Smallest Capacity Purifier – 300m3/hr
  • Largest Capacity Purifier – 660m3/hr
  • Price Range – £300 – £1000
  • Filtration Technology – HEPA 13

Aeris Cleantec was founded in 2015 and grew to an employee size of around 30 personnel with an annual turnover of under £20m prior to its recent take-over by i-Robot in November 2021 for £60m.

They operate on a global scale either through online market platforms such as Amazon, or through regional distribution agreements.

The aair lite is the smallest unit for a space of around 25m2 and comes in 3 colours – blue, grey or pink. It’s been designed to compliment the household environment, and not to come across as a commercial metal box with a filter, so that’s pretty cool. More common are the 3in1 Pro or Medical Pro units which are relevant for areas around 60m2 and a similar size to a large waste paper bin. They have a large HEPA 13 box filter, pull the dirty air in the bottom of the unit and pump the pure air out the top.

Aeris have their own fleet app management system which basically means that if you have for example 100 Air purifiers throughout an office, you can see what the live air quality is near the unit and schedule when they should turn on/off on a central dashboard which the facilities team could run. I’ve never used the dashboard myself, so I can’t comment on the functionality but it would be worth checking out the reviews.

Be wary of the power consumption though – on a max speed, the 3in1 will suck up 250 Watts – which is pretty costly if this is going to be frequently running (which it should be).


  • Founded – 2020
  • HQ – London, UK
  • No. of Air Purifier Models – 3 Portable, 2 Ceiling, 2 Healthcare, (7)
  • Smallest Capacity Purifier – 250 m3/hr
  • Largest Capacity Purifier – 2000 m3/hr
  • Price Range – £150 > £2500
  • Filtration Technology – True HEPA 14 filters with Carbon

Yep – It’s us.

We didn’t include ourselves in the original Top Brands list. We’re not going to parp our own horns in this article either. But you’ve seen the stats we could find on some of our largest competitors so it only seemed fair to show you our stats too.

We’re a family owned business – building our sales based on our aim to be the most trusted advisors in the market whilst providing hassle free service backed by a 2 year guarantee.

We’re not a global PLC, but recognize the need to provide excellent quality and great value, which is why we pitch our pricing not at the cheapest level, but at some of the most competitive rates that you will find for equivalent air purifiers in the market.

We also use some of the highest specification of HEPA filtration as a point of difference.

Which brand is best for you?

This list is by no means a comprehensive overview of all the air purifier brands out there. However, it should provide you with a reasonable, unbiased starting point from which you might be able to make the best buying decision for your property.

Everything here has been sourced directly from each manufacturer’s publicly available websites and other records, with estimates used where precise numbers were not available.

If you see any errors or inaccuracies, please reach out to us so we can correct them. If you believe your air purifier company should have a place on this list, please reach out to us about that as well!

At Zonitise, we manufacture world-class and trusted air purifiers for our clients globally. If you’re shopping around for an air purifier, feel free to take a look at the product section of our website to understand the solutions in more detail, browse our video library, try out the capacity calculator, or request custom pricing here.

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