Use Air Purification to Reduce Fallow Time 

The Latest Guidance on Fallow time is that the more air changes per hour (ACH) in a room there are, the less Fallow time is required.   So if you can increase your air changes, you can justify lowering your fallow period between patients.

If you can achieve 10 or more Air Changes per hour, you can reduce your fallow time post Aerosol Generating Procedure (AGP) to just 15 minutes between patients.  If you are only getting 1 to 5 air changes per hour, your fallow time will need to be at least 30 minutes.

In a standard 30m3 dentist surgery room with a 2.4 ceiling height just 1 number Medical Grade HEPA air purifier with 490m3 clean air delivery rate per hour will clean the air more than 16 times per hour – or every 3 minutes 40 seconds! This means that you can operate with the minimum 15 minute fallow period and significantly increase your patient throughput.

Assuming a normal 8 hour working day and 5 day week – this reduction in fallow time can equate to more than 750 additional patients that can be seen per year!  This enables a significant return on investment of the cost of an Air Purifier.

It’s important to use medical grade HEPA air purifiers that are proven to eliminate viral particles from the air.  Ensure that the clean air delivery rate is the correct size for the surgery to achieve at least 10 air changes per hour.

Zonitise have portable and fixed options that are tried and trusted by many organizations and proven in the real world.

Our consultants are also available to discuss and prepare the best solutions for your space.

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