What can antimicrobial coatings do for public transport?

What can antimicrobial coatings do for public transport?

Studies in the UK have demonstrated an increase of respiratory infections (colds and flu) to persons if they had ridden in a bus or taxi five days previously (Troko et al., 2011).
Whilst surface disinfecting is a reactive method proven to eliminate contamination, unfortunately, surfaces have to be disinfected on such a regular basis to be effective it is not realistic or sustainable.

This is especially difficult in mass transportation when large numbers of individuals may be using the same vehicle in a day. Surfaces can quickly become re-contaminated throughout the service day of the vehicle, leading to the spread of harmful germs and pathogens, particularly to vulnerable persons, and those with low immunity.

Treatment of surfaces with a permanently active Zonitise antimicrobial coating which reduces the microbial load on a continuous basis is a proven gift of science for maximizing and maintaining the highest hygiene levels.

Research has shown that Zonitise antimicrobial coatings can consistently reduce microbial load on surfaces by more than 90% compared to surfaces cleaned traditionally. Furthermore – backed by a 1-year warranty of efficacy – you can have the peace of mind, that your surfaces are always fighting those invisible enemies – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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