Why does your hospital need to consider antimicrobial coatings seriously?

Why Does your Hospital need to consider Antimicrobial coatings seriously?

In England alone, it is forecast than 300,000 people will contract an HAI (Hospital Acquired Infection) this year.

Sometimes these can sadly prove fatal and indeed they are the sixth largest cause of death in western countries.

In developing countries, the situation is worse.

HAI’s are a significant problem for the healthcare sector around the globe with the cost to the NHS in excess of £1Bn every year.

Taking a preventative approach to infection control, with the use of self-disinfecting anti-microbial coatings is proving to be a game-changer for hygiene.

In recent studies in the US, antimicrobial coatings were proven to reduce the incidence of HAI’s by more than 30% over a 3 month period in ICU wards, compared to wards traditionally disinfected. If that in itself is impressive, the cost/benefit ratio is staggering.

At Zonitise, we are pleased to be leading the fight in reducing the risk of cross-contamination in environments nationwide.


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