Why you need Zonitise Antimicrobial Products In Your Cleaning Regime

It has been established by scientists, hospitals and universities globally that antimicrobial coated surfaces provide a hostile environment to many types of bacteria and germs.  They can significantly reduce microbial attachment, kill disease causing organisms and make cleaning much easier.

Their longevity and durability mean that treated surfaces become self-sanitizing in between regular cleaning cycles, but without the coating in place, very often the build-up of disease-causing microbes is frightening.

Antimicrobial products also prevent mould and odours caused by bacteria on surfaces or textiles. 

Zonitise has a suite of patented Antimicrobial products for Surface, Skin and Laundry and in this article we will go into each product and explain what it can do to make your life easier and safer!

Starting with Zonitise Surface Antimicrobial Coating, this gained fame over the pandemic when it was proven that a coated surface was still able to inactivate Sars Cov 2 within 10 minutes even after 6 weeks from being applied.  It’s not just Covid though – Zonitise can eliminate E Coli, MRSA and other sickness causing viruses and bacteria on your surfaces, and is shown to still work successfully 2 months after application.

What isn’t as well publicised is it’s ability to prevent mould growth which is a huge topic right now.  In the US this product is often used to prevent mould growth in damp homes for several months per application.

Microbes and bacteria find it very difficult to adhere to a Zonitise coated surface, which is why they are much easier to clean, as even dirt and dust find it difficult to stay on a surface. 

We’ll now move onto another of our revolutionary products – the Zonitise Laundry Additive.  When we say that this product is one that once used, you won’t want to be without, we really mean it!  When you add Zonitise Laundry to the rinse cycle, you infuse your washing with antimicrobial powers.  The treated laundry will constantly work to eliminate the bacteria that cause odours – such as sweat/food residues – keeping everything smelling fresher for longer.  Think bed sheets/clothes (even after a workout!), dish cloths, towels, curtains…. The list goes on.

In addition to snuffing out the stink, Zonitise Laundry Additive helps prevent nasty germs staying on textiles which is why it’s a game changer for infection control when you use it on hospital laundry/curtains.

Finally, but not least, we have the Zonitise Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer.  Now this is one of our best selling and most popular products on our website.  And for good reason…  Not only does it not dry out your hands like alcohol products, but it leaves them feeling soft and protected.  Once applied, it is proven to help your skin stay hostile to bacteria and viruses for up to 8 hours! 

These products are all available to buy online or if you have a large requirement – feel free to reach out to one of our team for a trade discount.

We hope you will enjoy the benefits of Zonitise Antimicrobial Products for many years to come.

Zonitise – Helping People Stay Healthy.

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