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Measuring and Managing Bacteria on Surfaces.


At Zonitise, our mission is to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. However – we are also firm believers in the old mantra that ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’.

So how do we at Zonitise actually measure the effectiveness of our anti-microbial surface treatments in reducing the risk of cross-contamination?

We use Healthcare ATP testing equipment to measure the bacteria levels of surfaces prior, after treatment, and then periodically for the duration of all contracts. We do this to ensure that all treated surfaces are registering bacteria counts which are as low as possible. ATP swab tests measure the Relative Light Units (RLU’s) or bacteria count on a surface with any count over 500 RLU’s being classed as ‘Highly Contaminated’. Under 30 is food safe/hospital standards, and up to 100 is regarded as a clean surface.


Case Study in Hospitality

At a hotel recently in London we were asked to demonstrate the long term efficacy of our product and produced a Bionomic assessment report – Read on for the results of our case study:

We treated some designated areas that were in use by staff, for example back of house toilets.  In the days and weeks that followed, the cleaners maintained their usual testing regime in these areas, including on the treated areas.  Our specialist teams then returned to measure the bacteria levels in the locations where we compared the Zonitise Treated Surfaces to the Control ‘untreated’ surfaces. The results spoke for themselves – not only were the Zonitise Treated Surfaces recording in excess of 96% reduction in bacteria counts compared to the untreated areas but were continuing to perform as expected in reducing bacteria count, a significant period of time after initial application.


The Results

Door handles are probably one of the largest vectors of harmful bacteria and viruses. Bacteria levels on an untreated ‘Control’ door handle in the hotel, that had been under the usual cleaning regime in place were registering 936 RLU’s (bacteria count) per square inch. Compare that to the Zonitise Treated door handle in the same location which registered just 20RLU’s (bacteria count) per square inch! Then vanity units in the washrooms: The untreated ‘Control’ vanity top in the bathroom registered 1479RLU’s (bacteria count) compared to the Zonitise Treated in the same room which registered 53 RLU’s!



This goes to show that even with strict cleaning regimes in place, it is still very possible that the surfaces in your facility are ‘Highly Contaminated’. Traditional chemical cleaners such as bleach etc, are only effective in their wet state. Once dried, bacteria can live on the surface and multiply rapidly.

With Zonitise Antimicrobial Surface Treatments you can be 100% confident that your surfaces and touchpoints are constantly active at exterminating micro-organisms including viruses, and keeping the levels of bacteria as low as they can possibly be – 24/7/365. If you agree, we will back that claim up by professionally measuring those bacteria levels every few weeks or months and reporting to you.

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