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    Zonitise Air – 3in1 Pro

    £949.00 inc. VAT

    Product code: ZAIR-02

    £949.00 inc. VAT


    • CADR = 650m3/h . A 600 sq ft room will have the air cleaned 5 times an hour.
    • 4 filtration stages. The carbon filter weighs 2 pounds (extremely dense), leading to the removal of a wider range of pollutants, like odours, gases and formaldehyde.
    • HEPA 13 Filtration. The 3in1 Pro's HEPA filter is top of line, and has 99.95% effectiveness in removing pollutants at 0.1 microns & above. Meets EN1822.
    • Easy to move at 16.6kg, Quietly works between 35-65 dB, automatically adjusts fan speed with pollution and with a completely sealed system - there is zero ozone risk.
    • Antimicrobial coating inside and out ensures the unit is constantly eliminating harmful pathogens, and that trapped pollutants are instantly killed.
    • Tested against Sars Cov 2
    • SMART air quality monitor & AI - Wi-fi connectivity, app & fleet control.
    • 2 year warranty, 12 month filter life.


    At Zonitise we have developed revolutionary air purifiers to meet all indoor space requirements.  Combining the best Hepa filtration with Zonitise antimicrobial technology, our air purifiers not only filter the bad stuff out of the air but they can also eliminate harmful pathogens too.

    Simple and easy to use, with minimal user training required – You can breathe easy again when you use Zonitise Air Purifiers.

    Shipping times can vary due to demand and can take upto 2 weeks. Please contact a member of our team if you have any questions

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