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    Zonitise Fine Mist Atomizer – 300ml Capacity

    £7.99 each

    Product code: ZAS-300

    £7.99 each


    • Pump action creates a sustained, continuous spray lasting several seconds, ideal for covering large areas and for antibacterial cleaning; ultra-fine mist pattern distributes widely and evenly
    • Ergonomic design and advanced trigger technology reduces hand fatigue for prolonged use
    • 360 degree spraying application for hard-to-reach, underside areas
    • Propellent-free, Environmentally friendly & low-noise


    Our fine mist atomizer is a non-aerosol alternative to conventional trigger and aerosol sprayers. It delivers a prolonged, powerful, high quality fine mist spray and can also be sprayed from any angle, with full 360° operation, making it perfect to be used with Zonitise products, allowing users to quickly and easily cover large areas.

    A green solution

    The fine mist spray atomiser benefits from the green credentials of a non-pressurised propellant which ultimately delivers better than aerosol spray quality. The design allows the liquid to be completely used up, eliminating product waste. Also, a significant proportion of the can capacity is used for propellant with aerosols – this space isn’t wasted when using the Zonitise Fine Mist Sprayer

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