Benefits of Zonitise for the Education sector

Nearly 80 percent of illness-causing germs are spread by your hands and on one desk or keyboard, there are often more harmful bacteria than on a public toilet seat. It is hardly surprising that school-age children between 7 and 12 will catch between 7 and 12 colds every year leading to millions of missed school days due to virus infections.

The benefits

You can clean something and it may look clean but you can still have thousands of bacteria and viruses on the surface.

Traditional cleaning chemicals are only effective when wet, meaning that once dried they become a hotbed for bacteria growth.

Zonitise Specialist Surface Treatments ensure that the touchpoints in your school and college can be actively fighting bacteria 24/7

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The benefits of Zonitise Antimicrobial Surface Spray

  • Improve hygiene and massively reduce cross-contamination.
  • Reduce costs on cleaning chemicals.
  • Improve cleaning times and reduce contractor costs.
  • Reduce staff absence from sick leave.
  • Remove unpleasant odours.
  • Prevent mould and bacteria growth.
  • Improved experience.

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