Benefits of Zonitise for the Food Processing sector

Sanitation in the Food Processing and Manufacturing Industries has never been so important. Pathogens can cause food-borne illness with the potential of affecting the mass consumer market as well as employees.

The benefits

Food Processing Facilities are constantly challenged to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and exposure to dangerous levels of pathogenic bacteria such as listeria, E-coli and salmonella.

Zonitise Specialist Surface Treatments are EPA and FDA approved for use in food contact areas for our clients in the US and can help ensure that your environments are as safe as they can possibly be by electrostatic spraying with a constantly active antimicrobial coating that is certified to constantly kill bacteria and viruses.

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The benefits of Zonitise Antimicrobial Surface Spray

  • Zonitise is ideal for the following: Walls, ceilings, baseboards and vents & diamond flooring and mats.
  • Flat/solid or modular mesh style conveyor systems.
  • Storage and blender tanks & bottling and filling equipment.
  • Refrigerators and coolers & electrical control panels.
  • Packaging and labeling equipment.
  • HVAC system.
  • Refrigerator and condenser fins and coils & refrigerated trailers for distribution.
  • Surfaces including stainless steel, aluminium, brass, plastic, vinyl, marble, granite, wood, cement, ceramics, paint, acoustical materials, filters, etc.

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