Benefits of Zonitise for the Healthcare sectors

We live in a world where bacteria and viruses are stronger and more resistant to chemical disinfection than ever and Hospital Acquired Infections cost our healthcare systems billions of pounds every year, not to mention the sad and tragic loss of life of thousands of patients who contract these HAIs during their hospitalisation. This inevitably puts extra pressure on the hospitals with increased length of stays in hospital and negative publicity. In the environment we live in today, there is pressure to provide superior care and make our hospitals and care homes safe places to be.

Zonitise Specialist Surface Treatments provide a constant kill zone for bacteria and viruses on your touchpoints, with our unique anti-microbial coatings that are active 24/7 against many HAIs e.g. MRSA, VRE, Norovirus, Influenza A and TGEV Coronavirus and many other blood born pathogens.

Monitored with renowned ATP testing equipment to verify and confirm the constant antibacterial activity to maintain low levels of contamination, antimicrobial treatments have been proven to reduce HAIs by more than 50%.

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