Benefits of Zonitise for the Restaurant sector

Have you ever seen anybody wash a menu? Studies published in the Journal of Medical Virology report that viruses can survive for 18 hours on surfaces. If it’s a busy operation, hundreds of people could be passing their germs on to your staff and other customers.

Even cutting boards used to prepare food can be hugely contaminated with bacteria and can potentially cause huge health risks.  What about the persistent smell in the customer toilets?

Zonitise Specialist Surface Treatments offer a complete service that measures, kills and prevents bacteria, mould, viruses, fungi, odours from returning.

We recommend that Zonitise antimicrobial coatings are applied electrostatically to achieve a full 360 degree coverage on all surfaces. Zonitise is non leaching and is also EPA and FDA approved for use in food contact areas.

Zonitise does not use highly toxic chemicals such as bleaches, peroxides or any metal-based dioxides such as silver, copper ions or titanium.

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