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The transfer of viruses and bacteria from surfaces we touch was here before coronavirus (SARS CoV-19) and no doubt will be long after.

The fundamental role of hand-surface-hand transfer has been in sharp focus, with varying reports that SARS CoV-19 can last from a few hours to several days on hard surfaces, which has led the public to be more conscious about what they touch and to consider what might lie there. This concern should not be limited SARS CoV-19 as there are many other day-to-day infections, such as Influenza A, MRSA, C.difficile, Streptococcus and Staphylococcus, that can be transferred correspondingly.

Associated with reducing hand-surface-hand germ transfer is the importance of handwashing, and its importance has come into our everyday consciousness for reducing the transmission of transient microbes on to the surfaces we touch. Whilst enhanced cleaning regimes can lower the risk of hard surface bacteria transfer initially, people can very quickly become exposed to the transient microbes as other people touch these surfaces. Even with enhanced hand washing, the risks are high, as we subconsciously touch our faces around 20-30 times an hour.

We all understand these dangers in today’s climate but the same existed before SARS CoV-19 and will remain afterwards. Along with SARS CoV-19, many of these infection transfers often won’t affect healthy adults, but they can have a serious effect on those with low immunity, those on cancer treatment or the older age-group.

So, how can surfaces help to break this unseen cycle of transmission? The use of disinfectants and detergents is a start but for SARS CoV-19 there are no “certified to kill” hand gels and surface cleansers; and in any case, once the surface has been wiped and dried the disinfectant stops and any microbes subsequently landing on the surface bring you back to square one.

Zonitise Surface Treatments uses a liquid coating containing a permanent bond anti-microbial agent, which will create a ‘constant kill’ environment for any hard surface touchpoints from countertops to door handles/push plates, floors and walls to escalator handrails. This is achieved by coating the surface with a constantly active micro-glass layer which is certified to kill on contact: Influenza A (a similar chemical structure to SARS CoV-19 ), MRSA, C.diff, E.Coli and many other bacterial infections. The key difference with other products is that as well as achieving an initial microbial kill, Zonitise keeps on working 24/7 and is as persistent in its disinfection as the contamination!

This two-part clean and coat application is carried out by our teams of specialists, and certified on completion giving you complete peace of mind that you, your staff, your clients/guests and their families are protected. We offer this service to the following sectors: Healthcare, Hospitality and Wellness, Transport, Residential, Commercial and Retail.

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