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Zonitise Best Air Purifier

What to look for in an Air Purifier


Always choose a device that uses TRUE HEPA filtration. This is the gold standard for indoor air purification, and filters should be at least HEPA 13 grade. 

 If possible, ensure your air purifier has an active carbon filter, as this helps to eliminate VOC’s and unpleasant odours.

The first and most important consideration when purchasing a TRUE HEPA air purifier is to determine the correct size device for your space for maximum effectiveness.

Air purifiers should display their CLEAN AIR DELIVERY RATE ratings (CADR) which advise the volume of air that can be purified in 1 hour.


For example....

The ZONA 620 has a CADR of 620m3 per hour. 

This means that in a 60m2 room, the air will be cleaned every 14 minutes.


What does it cost to operate beyond purchase?

° Filter Replacements 

Typically every 12 months.


° Electricity usage

Choose an energy star rated product that uses an automatic fan speed dependent on pollution levels.


Noise level of Air Purifiers

Noise pollution can be as irritating as air pollution.

In general, an air purifier with a noise rating of 50 decibels is appropriate for most spaces. A modern fridge produces about 40-50 decibels.

HEPA 14 Filtration

Effectiveness against Pollutants

Look for an air purifier that's good at filtering out pollutants specific to your environment or health needs – removing pet dander, pollen, cigarette smoke etc.

Avoid air purifiers that contribute to indoor air pollution. Ozone producing air purifiers should be avoided at all costs, as these have been proven to have negative impacts to health.


Choosing the correct CADR for your room size

The larger the CADR, the more particulate matter the filter will remove from the air.

Typically, the larger the room, the higher CADR you need.  Calculate the size of the room where you wish to place your purifier.

Width x length x height.  Then multiply this volume by 4 (air changes per hour).  This will give you the target CADR you need and therefore help you determine which machine and/or how many you should purchase for that space.


Room Width Room Length Room Height Total Room Volume
 (to get your target CADR)What purifier should I purchase?
7mx8mx2.4m=134.4x4537.6 m3Choose Air Purifier with a CADR of at least 550m3

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