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Where to apply Antimicrobial Coatings?

There is an increase in the need to protect surfaces from germs and microbes in every facility and public area where people mix. From surfaces and touchpoints to the equipment we use every day, everything is susceptible to harmful micro-organisms multiplying, which ultimately find their way to human beings.

A high % of transmission of germs from person to person is on surfaces we come in touch with every day. Door handles, handrails, lift buttons, desks…. The list goes on. It is not physically possible to be always cleaning or disinfecting these surfaces to prevent the spread and growth of germs between every touch. This is why antimicrobial coatings are the best option for ensuring maximum hygiene in your environment. This relatively simple process of coating the surface with a constantly active and self-disinfecting sealant leads to a far more sustainable and long-term hygienic solution.

At Zonitise we service a whole plethora of industry from airports through to hospitality, commercial offices to beauty salons – UK wide with a coating that we warrant for 1 year’s efficacy.

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