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Will the UK avoid a Twindemic?

At Zonitise, we warmly welcome the prospect of an effective vaccine for COVID-19. We are concerned, however, as to whether it will come quickly enough to prevent a ‘Twindemic’ this winter.

Health experts are warning that we need to prepare for one and it’s not a good scenario for our hospitals where many are already reaching capacity dealing with the second wave. Just to be clear, a Twindemic is defined as a simultaneous surge of 2 life-threatening respiratory illnesses: COVID-19, and the flu, which always tends to peak over the colder months of the year leading to on average 17000 deaths a year in England.

We’re all familiar with the mantra – hands, face, space. In our view, ensuring spaces are properly clean has never been so important. We also encourage people, especially those older and more vulnerable to infection to ensure they get a flu vaccine and follow Govt Guidance.

Space: Like many other viruses, flu and COVID are often transmitted via surfaces such as handrails, lift buttons, doorknobs, and it’s on hard surfaces where they can survive the longest with recent studies suggesting that Sars Cov can survive for up to 28 days.

Keeping a space continuously clean and disinfected is much easier said than done. Many institutions are spending a fortune on cleaning and disinfecting to keep their premises COVID Safe.

Unfortunately, traditional disinfecting methods are mostly inefficient and ineffective at killing viruses continuously, and surfaces can be re-contaminated within minutes or as soon as someone touches a surface.

That’s why Zonitise antimicrobial coatings are a game-changer to ensure that in the gaps between cleaning cycles, your surfaces don’t become a vector for cross-contamination.

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